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Overview of all Aurora Thematic activities

The Aurora Network is currently working on a broad range of projects. Some of them are already sufficiently well-developed to have a separate project page. In this overview, all projects in various stages of development are sketched. For more information, you can contact the Aurora office or a project lead.

Aurora has identified four key priority themes:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Societal Impact & Relevance of Research
  • Student Engagement
  • Innovation of Teaching & Learning.

Two other themes of a broader scope have been active since before the official launch of Aurora in October 2016: Internationalisation and Sustainability. “Internationalisation” seems a logical and inevitable theme for an international network of universities. “Sustainability” – or the Sustainable Development Goals – is quickly evolving into an important perspective of higher education and research in Europe and globally. It is also an excellent expression of the core Aurora objective of matching academic excellence with societal relevance and may thus become a crucial part of the overall Aurora narrative.

Download the overview below.


Overview of Thematic Activities - April 2020
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