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Reminiscing Antwerp Aurora Biannual 2018

On November 28-30th 2018, the members of the Aurora Universities Network came together at the 5th Aurora Biannual held at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

The Antwerp Aurora Biannual had as its theme: “Climate Change” which intentionally coincided with the Climate Week at the University of Antwerp. It consisted of eight parallel thematic workgroups spread across two days, a plenary session, and a general council meeting held on Friday, November 30th.

The plenary session comprised of the Diversity and Inclusion Awards and a discussion concerning the biosphere related SDGs. The Diversity and Inclusion award, designed by Arwen Raes student design sciences at the University of Antwerp, was presented to Mamma Forum a Swedish NGO committed to enhancing Swedish language skills of newly immigrated pregnant women and new mothers. The biosphere SDG session showed intermediate results of the SDG Analysis tool when applied to the four biospheres related SDGs. Four Aurora scholars spoke on their related research and potential for collaboration within Aurora.

During the general council meeting, David Richardson was reappointed as President of the Aurora Universities Network. The council supported the proposal that all member universities should actively chair two thematic groups and project groups. The council believes in the productive work of the thematic and project groups to being the key to the successful development of Aurora. See for example the bibliometrics group, the group on doctoral education, and the group on inclusive internationalization.

A visual impression of the Antwerp Aurora Biannual 

© Guy Kleinblatt


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