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Second edition of the Aurora Equality and Diversity Award

The Aurora Diversity and Equality Award was launched last year within the network to highlight innovative and successful inclusion and diversity interventions. The objective of the award is to identify and exchange good practices and to advance the Aurora network’s vision of equal opportunities for staff and students, creating a working and learning environment where different perspectives are explicitly valued. We are delighted to announce the second edition of the award, and invite all partners to submit 1-3 projects which are at the forefront of generating creative, innovative and successful methods in the field of diversity.

“The nine universities in the Aurora network share a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. All Aurora partners subscribe to equal opportunities for all. With our diversity policies we aim to contribute to the inclusiveness of European societies in which  equality of men and women still is not a matter of course, divides between cultural and ethnic groups are increasingly at stake, sexual orientation and gender identity are still reasons for violence and discrimination, and where social economic differences become larger rather than smaller. We value different perspectives as  essential aspects of an academic community. We believe that diversity among our students and staff will enhance the quality of university education and research.” – Prof. Dr. Karen van Oudenhoven – van der Zee

Starting May 2018, Aurora partners are welcome to submit all nominations via the link that has been created for this purpose. After the deadline – which has been set on July 31st – a jury panel will assess the entries according to the following inclusion criteria:
  • Practices which primarily engage with equality and diversity
  • Advances the equality agenda with diversity and respect at its core
  • Helps provide opportunities for marginalized groups
  • Stakeholder involvement, particularly involvement of target group representatives
  • Actions that support a longer term goal of creating transformative change
  • Creates respectful environments
  • Emphasis on diversity as a strengths of the University society, in particular those that engage with the concept of intersectionality
  • Innovative methods
  • Previously nominated projects can be nominated again on the condition that significant progress has been made, and that the project has matured in a way that is tangible and documented
The winner of the second edition of the Aurora Diversity and Equality Award will be announced at the biannual Aurora meeting in Antwerp in November. A collection of last year’s entries has been bundled in this booklet
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