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The fight against COVID-19

On 25th March 2020, 61 organisations including patients, consumers, healthcare professionals, trade unions and public interest organisations published a letter.

The signed letter expresses views on the importance of the role of public support to research and development during the current pandemic.

Since January, the European Commission and national governments have mobilised millions of Euros to promote research on COVID-19. Together we believe that an effective response requires that all these necessary medical tools are free of charge at the point of delivery, particularly for vulnerable populations.

We strongly recommend that the EU institutions and national governments incorporate collective, pro-public safeguards, such as transparency regarding public contributions, accessibility and affordability clauses and non-exclusive licences for the exploitation of end-result products, in current and future funding calls and investments. These measures will eventually ensure the vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus reach those who need them and save numerous lives.

Fight Against Covid-19 Letter
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