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Third Aurora Student President Elected

Since the network’s founding in October 2016, the Aurora Student Council has worked towards providing the student voice within the network. The Aurora Student President is the leader of 18 international student representatives and their activities, and the voice of over 300.000 students.

Elísabet Brynjarsdóttir (University of Iceland) has served as the Aurora Student President for two terms in a row and is now succeeded by Callum Perry (University of East Anglia).

From the words of the new Student President: “It’s inspiring to work with unique and talented student representatives that are contributing valuable insights to the work of education, internationally. There is a huge opportunity to provide these students with a platform that will help transform them into the leaders of tomorrow.”, Callum Perry says. “It will be a challenge to fill the shoes of Elisabet. For two years she has been a fantastic advocate for the students of Aurora and has been excellent to shadow, as Vice President. I feel ready to carry on some of the work we have started, but also to use this uncertain time to build our relationships in the network and raise the profile of its work amongst student bodies.”.

Callum Perry has been a student officer at UEA for the last year and has been recently re-elected, representing students on their education and learning experiences. “Aurora is all about celebrating the power of what we can do when we come together to work on making education, across the globe, better for everyone. Student voice is at the heart of this and helps to drive forward agendas across diversity, inclusion and sustainability”. ‘Take a physical Aurora Borealis’ says Perry, ‘for us to witness this wonder, all the conditions need to be balanced. This is how I view student voice and representation in the network. For us to work spectacularly, the student’s voice has to be at the core of all we are motivated to do as a network. It will be a privilege to lead this into its next phase’.

“I have worked alongside Callum for the past year as he served as the Vice President. I have full confidence in him as my successor”, says Brynjarsdóttir. “Callum is really ambitious for the student voice to be heard and has a clear vision of how to best support the students within the network.” Elísabet has worked on various projects with the student council, hosted the first workshop for the students with an emphasis on mental health, argued for the voting rights of students within the Board and General Council of Aurora and has been providing the student voice and representation throughout the EUN work within Aurora. “It has been quite inspiring to work with all of the Aurora members, see the ambition to create better higher education and society for its students and how the network focuses on societal changes and impact. The network has achieved a lot for the past four years since its founding, and I’m looking forward to the next years for the network. I will continue to follow its work for sure.”

Aurora student representatives elected a new leader during May’s virtual biannual meeting. Callum Perry (right) succeeds Elísabet Brynjarsdóttir (left).

Aurora’s student council can be contacted through their president Callum Perry at

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