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Two Grenoble post-doctoral researchers selected for French Climate Change Initiative Funding

The two international post-doctoral researchers from the University of Grenoble-Alpes bring their talents to bear on the problem of climate change and the search for renewable energy sources.

The Spanish Cristina Tapia, who did her doctoral work at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, is working on techniques for artificial photosynthesis by finding ways to capture and store solar energy. She is part of a research team who is working on the chemistry and biology of metals.

The Mexican Jesus E. Contreras Ocaña completed his PhD in Power systems at the University of Washington. His interdisciplinary work brings together methods in economics and computer modeling to investigate the question of renewable energy storage. He is part of the team at the Eco-SESA program, an interdisciplinary team working on renewable energies.

Climate Change Research at the UGA
The Eco-SESA team is just one of the many research teams working to meet the global challenges of problems like climate change at the UGA.

The project, which received 1.7 million euros in funding as part of the UGA’s Cross-disciplinary Programs Excellence Initiative Funding, focuses on renewable energy production in urban areas. The interdisciplinary approach takes into account new technologies and innovations but also explores the problems of energy planning, governance, and management.

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