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UDE Professor Achim Goerres receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Prof. Achim Goerres, a political scientist at the Aurora member university UDE receives a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for his POLITSOLID project.

The of highly endowed EUR 2 million grant will enable Prof. Goerres to implement his ambitious project, which examines political solidarity in Europe, over the next five years.

POLITSOLID investigates the micro-foundations of political solidarities in fast-changing European polities. It analyses why some ordinary citizens show a high overall willingness to shoulder costs of public redistribution to other people in a polity, while others do not; and why ordinary citizens have multiple levels of desire willingness to shoulder costs depending on who receives the benefit.

For POLITSOLID, Goerres creates an artificial online state called Novaland. Its citizens are volunteers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Their task: You have to be attentive to the things that he changes from the outside. “In real politics, the change is prolonged. In the artificially created state, I can manipulate the quality of action and, for example, increase tax rates. Then I analyse how and why people react to it, ”he explains. “This empirical review is experimental and new in my research area.”

The ERC promotes high-quality research in Europe and the pioneering work of science in all areas. The Consolidator Grant is aimed at established top scientists who already have excellent research. It is the first of its kind for UDE and the sixth ERC Grant overall.

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