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UEA student recognized as emerging international talent

A Pharmacy Ph.D. student from the University of East Anglia (UEA), partner of the Aurora University Network, has been recognized as one of the brightest and most promising Ph.D. and Postdoctoral leaders internationally.

Lucka Bibic, 28, was recognized by the 2018 Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) SciFinder Future Leaders program, which identifies and provides a network for emerging researchers who are helping to shape the future of scientific information and innovation. Her research is on the development of painkillers using spider venom toxins and has created a virtual reality game, “Bug Off Pain,” which places the viewer inside the human brain to illustrate the molecular system that allows people to sense pain.

She educated the public about academic research, leading workshops for UEA and the University of Cambridge and was a science radio producer at the Naked Scientist. She also led the winning CryoThaw team on the national YES Biotechnology entrepreneurship competition. YES is designed to develop business awareness and an understanding of entrepreneurship in UK postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

Lucka joined winners from prestigious universities all over the world, including Brazil, Australia, Germany, and Japan.

“With so many deserving candidates, I am both honored and humbled to be named as a future leader and am pleased to represent UEA on one of the most respected conferences in the USA,” she said.

She continued: “This award not only reflects my personal commitment to strive for the best but also the support of my friends, my funding body and academic mentors, especially Dr. Leanne Stokes, Prof Mark Searcey, and Prof Dave Evans, for their belief in me. At the moment, I am on cloud nine, and I cannot believe this has actually happened to me. It feels simply fantastic to be conferred this prestigious international award.”

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