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University of Iceland announces Postdoctoral Grants 2020

The University of Iceland announces up to 8 postdoctoral grants, awarded for up to three years. The grants are intended for researchers who have completed their PhD in the last seven years (January 2014 and later). Time spent on sick leave or parental leave is taken into account regarding the period since completing the PhD.

The Board of the University of Iceland Research Fund will be responsible for evaluating and ranking applications and awarding the grants. Evaluation of applications shall be based first and foremost on the applicant’s research plan and research output, with consideration of the time elapsed since completing a PhD. Selection of applicants will also be based on the needs of individual schools. The schools at the University of Iceland are the School of Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Humanities, School of Education and School of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Applications must include: i) a research plan, ii) CV and list of publications, iii) copy of PhD diploma or a letter from their university confirming upcoming doctoral thesis defence before July 1, 2020, iv) a statement of support from the University of Iceland school/faculty/institute confirming that the applicant will have access to the necessary facilities and equipment (see template). All supporting documents shall be in PDF format.

Applicants are also requested to arrange for two experts to submit a letter of reference on the quality of the applicant‘s research and his/her ability to perform the proposed postdoctoral research. It is preferred that one of the reviewers was associated with the applicant‘s doctoral thesis. Letters of reference are to be emailed in PDF format directly to before the application deadline.

The application deadline is December 2nd, 2019. Successful applicants should be able to start work no later than September 2019.

All applications will be answered, and applicants will be notified of the employment decision when a decision has been made. Applications will be valid for six months from the end of the application deadline.

Salary will be in accordance with the wage agreement between the Minister of Finance and the relevant trade union.

Appointments at the University of Iceland take into account the Equal Rights Policy.

Please also note the University of Iceland Language Policy.

For further information, including directions for obtaining statements of support, please contact Svavar Steinarr Guðmundsson at the Division of Science and Innovation (

Applications should be submitted online; the application form and instructions can be found here.

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