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Who We Are

General Council and Board

Aurora has a general council which consists of the rectors/presidents of the Aurora universities – or their formal representatives. The general council meets twice a year. Around these statutory meetings, the more encompassing Aurora Biannual meetings have evolved.

Alongside the general council, the aurora universities Network has a board of five rectors and presidents who are charged with the management of the association. Since November 2020 the board composition is:

  • U Iceland rector Jón Atli Benediktsson, Aurora President
  • VU Amsterdam President Mirjam van Praag, member
  • UEA Vice-Chancellor David Richardson, member
  • UEA Student President Callum Perry, student member
  • URV rector Maria Jose Figueras, member
  • UDE rector Ulrich Radtke, member

Aurora Coordinators

Institutional coordinators

Aurora also works closely with its coordinators who are the oil to keep the Aurora engine working. Aurora coordinators consist of Institutional coordinators and Communication officers.

Each Aurora university has an “institutional coordinator” who monitors the Aurora activities in their own institution as well as in the network. At some universities, this role is shared.

Communication officers

Aurora has a dedicated communications officer at each member. The group of Aurora network communications officers is chaired by University of Iceland communications’ director Jón Örn Guðbjartsson (


Aurora office

Aurora is supported by a small central office consisting of 4 team members:

Aurora members

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